Christmas Tree Specimen Art

Our Thrifty Ideas Christmas Tree Specimen Art

I’m getting so excited for Christmas. And although we haven’t gone all out with putting the tree up yet, I am slowly spreading the joy with my crafts! This specimen art is perfect to bring a little cheer to a small space or a small area on the wall. You could even add it into a photo collage wall to customize it to the season!

I used my cricut mini to cut out my shapes. I used 3D ornament and and Teresa Collins Christmas collage cartridges.

You can download my project layout for use in the Cricut Craft Room here.


I used 18 of the tree shapes and 24 of the ornaments.
Folding all but 6 of each shape in half, I glued one half of the tree to one half of another tree. Then putting a dab of hot glue down the center of the tree that is still flat, I glued the “pop out” trees into the center. Once it was dry, I would fan it out a bit. I did the same thing with the ornaments, except instead of just using 2 shapes for the pop out, I used 3 and glued it to the center of a 4th.

Once all of the specimens were complete, I put a tan paper into a frame (without the glass) and then using a pop-up glue (I used the Mod Podge foam ones) attach the specimen to the paper inside the frame.


A creative way to use patterned paper to create a specimen art piece for the holiday

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13 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Specimen Art

  1. So cute I love it and I am so wanting to get the Christmas decor up but my hubby will not allow it until after thanksgiving 🙁 just one more week. It was really good to meet you at kaysi’s lunch last tuesday 🙂

    Whitney @ A mommys life with a touch of yellow

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