DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

These snow globe ornaments are so easy to make, the kids had a blast both making them AND playing with them. Just make sure you use the plastic ornaments!!

DIY Snowglobe Ornament

Today I’m gonna show how I made this fun and personalized ornament. You can customize the snow globe to be whatever you’d like. The best part is that you could possibly have all the items around your house already.


You will want to get a holiday embellishment of some sort. Just make sure that it is skinny enough that it will fit in thru the small hole at the top. I used a Cricut cutter and cut out my Christmas Tree to 2.4 inches wide and about 2 inches tall.


Once you are sure your embellishment will fit into the glass ornament, hold it completely upright and slowly drop hot glue onto the bottom of the bulb.  Then quickly put the embellishment into the ornament and using tweezers hold it into the hot glue while it cools and holds the embellishment in place.


Once the glue is completely dry, pour sugar into the bottom of the bulb to create the “snow globe” appearance. Replace the top to the ornament and tie coordinating ribbons or twine onto the top for hanging.


You can use the new snow globe as decor, ornaments for your tree, or as a fun wreath for your front door. Whatever you do with it, make it fun and unique to your personality!

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  1. I saw you on studio 5 today cute lady!!!! You did great and I love the snow globe idea 🙂

  2. Love snow globes!! Never thought of doing it and putting it on trees..

  3. So cute! I love their simplicity and that you used sugar for the snow. Sweet!

  4. cute! i love diy ornaments.

  5. I love these! I am going to make some this weekend. Thank you for showing me how!!!

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