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Our Thrifty Ideas: Lantern Christmas Decor

Our house is TINY. Seriously, it is really too small for our family. But right now, we are making it work. One of the things I look forward to the most when we finally get to move is a full size dining room and getting a decent size table.
Our table is so small that the littlest décor covers the whole thing, and there’s no way to eat around it, and the kids tug and pull at it throughout the day.

Our Thrifty Ideas: Lantern Christmas Decor

Well this holiday I came up with a fun solution to all of that. An easily removable centerpiece that still makes a statement. I just used the lantern I use in my everyday décor, and filled it with leftover ornament bulbs from our Christmas Tree and wrapped the handle in coordinating ribbon. Then using a burlap ribbon from Walmart, I created a table runner and filled some glass jars with styrofoam berries.

It makes a great impact in the room, but when it comes time to eat, this centerpiece is so easy to remove and place on the ground (because yes, that’s the only other place we have room!)

Our Thrifty Ideas: Lantern Christmas Decor

Do you decorate your table for the holidays?

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  1. Super cute! I’m going to have to try and find mine now.


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