You’ve Been Boo’d

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is the fun games and treats….so what’s better than putting the two together.

"You've Been Boo'd" printables from

I grew up with the “You’ve been Boo’d” but I haven’t been boo’d the last few years, nor have I boo’d anyone. So I decided to change that this year. I will be starting this on October 1 in my neighborhood, and thought I’d share the fun printable I made so that you can start it in your neighborhood!

 This is so much cuter than the typical ones that go around. Free "you've been boo'd" printable.

12 thoughts on “You’ve Been Boo’d

  1. This is adorable, a great way to spread the goodies, show the kids to share, and get to know the folks around you… Boy now only if I was your neighbor, I could imagine all the goodies…..

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