Roadside Chair Makeover

Chair Makeover

If you follow me on Instagram, you most likely saw my exciting new addition. No, not a person, a new chair!! I fell in love the moment we drove our bikes by it. I had to go straight home, jump in the car and head over to pick it up.


I knew just what I would use it for.

I have been sitting on a bar stool to do my crafting. And although it isn’t too bad, it is too high for when I sew. I needed a normal chair so that I could get my sew on in my new crafting space (more on that coming soon). So this chair got a fabulous makeover to match the rest of my craft space.


I started by priming the whole chair, and then doing a white coat because it would be showing thru in the stripes.



I then taped off my stripes. I made marks every 2 inches on both outsides as well as down the middle. I then met the outside ones, to the inside one above.

The top stripes I just eyeballed….they didn’t turn out even, but oh well! haha


I then spray painted the whole chair this fun teal blue color. It is Valspar’s Exotic Sea
While the paint was still slightly tacky, but mostly dry, I pealed off the tape.

It looked amazing! I was so happy with it, but wanted to do a little distressing. Well, lesson learned. DO NOT distress with a little one around. My baby spilled the wood stain on the seat and got all over my white stripes, which quickly turned grey Sad smile.

Distressed Chair Makeover

So the distressing turned out great, and although I then had to hand paint some of the stripes again, I am so happy with how this beaut looks.

I cant wait to show it to you in it’s new crafty home…but for that you are gonna have to wait!

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  1. That turned out great!

  2. Super cute chair! I love it!

  3. This looks fantastic Vanessa! I just love how it turned out.

  4. Love it! Free is awesome

  5. Hey cute girl! I am featuring your chair as one of my favorite pins of the week!! Check out my sidebar 🙂
    Great find and idea!!
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