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A bit ago, I had the fun opportunity to check out IKEA on their opening day of the new fall line! Seriously, there were amazing products and I could have spent many paychecks in the one visit….like seriously! But as always, I had to limit my spending, and just get a few things. But I did find one thing that I am in the process of convincing others that I NEED it. Like it would be a complete lifesaver.

This table!


Hopefully one day I will be blogging and telling you that I am now it’s proud owner, and the reason why it is a life changer!
But while walking thru IKEA the other day, I passed by these Toslby $.99 frames that I have seen a bunch of people use at birthday parties. But did you know that they now come in a bunch of different colors? Like FUN colors!

As soon as I saw them, I knew exactly what I needed to do with them, and so I loaded up with some blue ones and headed to check out!

Warning- HORRIBLE photos coming your way. I just realized that because I don’t have a window in my bathroom, I have yucky yellow lighting while taking these pictures. BLAH!

Brush It.jpg

Flush It.jpg

Wash It.jpg

I made these fun reminder signs for The Little Man now that he is potty trained. Just a reminder to flush when he is done, and wash his hands. And of course, he’s not going to forget to brush his teeth, as it’s one of his favorite daily tasks. But I still wanted to make one for it too.

Ok, so the pictures may not have the greatest lighting, but the printables are still cute. I swear!

Bathroom Printable Collage

A huge thanks to IKEA for hosting the blogger get together at the release of their new fall line. I received product for free as compensation for this post.

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