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Just the other week I was in an SEO class at EVO and we discussed the benefits of having a custom URL. It helps search engines recognize your post and the topics it contains. Well, up until now, you could NOT define your own Permalink in Blogger. But now you can!!

**WARNING- This means my titles are going to be more fun than they used to be! I used to keep them to the point for SEO purposes. But now I get to have fun with them!!

Want to know how?!

New Permalink.jpg

You can see the new “Permalink” tab in your post edit screen, right?

Automatic URL.jpg

Once you open it up, they will have it on “Automatic URL”. This is going to make your URL whatever is first in your post. This could be your title, the first sentence, a description…it will vary. So sometimes it has NOTHING to do with the actual content of your post.

This is how you change it:

Custom Permalink In Blogger

You highlight “Custom URL” and then enter in whatever you want your URL to say. You will notice, exactly what I put in the box, shows up in the permalink. Your new link would look like:


*Update – I just got great advice from the one and only Denni Goedegebuure himself!

 I would encourage you to use – between the words, makes it better readable! I just like short URL’s, where you can now make your URL’s shorter also in Blogger, even if you have a 6-7 word title.

If you are interested, you can find the SEO information that the wonderful Dennis Goedegebuure put together for EVO on his blog Blogger Spotlight.

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  1. awesome thanks for sharing!

    rae gun ramblings

  2. I’m seeing the permalink, but it isn’t giving me options. 🙁

  3. It always makes me feel smart when I finally learn something that makes my blog look and act better. Good job on the resource.


  4. This seems to be good information…if I only knew what it meant. I guess I need to look into it. Thanks for sharing!
    Amy @ The Happy Scraps

  5. That is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing – I missed that class at EVO so I appreciate you sharing some of the helpful info from Dennis.

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