{Tutorial} Scrap Fabric Chandelier

I’m getting so excited over the fun decor for Baby Girl Barker! Once we finally get her in the room, it sure will be a fun, cozy, and cute space!!
Scrap Fabric Chandelier @ Our Thrifty Ideas
I had a whole bunch of scraps left over from the Minky Ruffle Blanket I made her, and I couldn’t get myself to throw them away. I knew I had to do something with them! So I cut them into small strips and made this fun chandelier to hang over her bed.

I started out with just an old lamp shade. I had this one on hand, and have had it for years just waiting for the perfect project!
Scrap Fabric Chandelier 5
I removed all of the fabric which was all hot glued on. There was a ton of glue residue on the to and bottom ring. I cleaned it all off of the top, because it would be exposed. But I was covering the bottom with the strips so I didn’t take the time to clean it all off!
fabric chandelier collage

Once it was all clean, I sprayed it with white spray paint. This paint was the $.98 stuff from Walyworld. Yah, I splurge like that!!
I then pieced the whole thing back together and hot glued the prongs into their place in the top ring. I didn’t want any chance of them falling out and landing on Baby Girl Barker while she was sleeping!
With each little 4 inch strip of fabric, I tied it in a single knot around the bottom ring.
 Scrap Fabric Chandelier 3
Once I had it as full as I wanted, I tied a long strip of fabric to the top ring, and nailed the other end into the ceiling above her bed!
Scrap Fabric Chandelier
Scrap Fabric Chandelier 2

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5 thoughts on “{Tutorial} Scrap Fabric Chandelier

  1. Really cute! I plan to tweak your idea and make a grown up version. I want to make a rag type garland and place it around my dining room chandelier. I , too hate to throw fabric away. Thanks for the idea, just pinned it!

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