St Patty’s Day

These are our favorite St. Patrick's Day ideas for the family!
Can we all stop and have a moment of silence for my family………………………
I want to know who’s bright idea it was to have St. Patty’s Day on a Saturday? I love to celebrate the fun holidays with my family, and somebody thought it was a good idea to have this one on the one day a week that I work. Dang.
But I’ve left detailed instructions for Sean on what to do with the kiddos!! The Little Man will be waking up to a fun surprise with a treasure hunt from a leprechaun! It’s such a cute little activity that my neighbor found from Momtastic and printed out for all the neighbor kids!
There’s also another fun one, from The Crafting Chicks, that we did at Playgroup earlier this week! This one is great to help your little one learn their colors!

at the end of this treasure hunt, the leprechaun had left us some of his special leprechaun candy. They were so yummy, they may be a staple at our house!

I haven’t settled on a themed dinner yet….but you’d better bet it will be green!
Now I’m off to go paint my nails green, since I don’t think I have any green clothes to wear to work tomorrow.
How are you celebrating the holiday tomorrow?
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