The Sock Bun

I pray everyday that I’m not the only one who’s day results in grabbing “whatever is clean” to put on my body, and throws my hair into a ponytail before heading out the door to run errands. It becomes so much work to get ready when you have 2 other little ones to get ready as well.
Recently on Pinterest I have been seeing this thing they call the “Sock Bun”. All I saw were pictures, and so I could not figure out why in the world it was named that. It didn’t appear to have anything to do with socks. So last week I decided to investigate and find out what all the hype was about.
Seriously, why didn’t anyone insist on making me try this sooner? It’s like a fancy way for me to be lazy and not do my hair. I couldn’t have been more excited with how it turned out. It did take some tweaking and getting used to the technique. But now I can throw it up almost as quick as just a pony.
how to do a sock bun
I think that every Mom needs to learn this.
I tried to do a tutorial video myself. But videoing yourself doing your own hair is easier said than done {actually not easy to say either!} and it just doesn’t do the style justice. But, TV to the rescue! The other day, Laci Davis was on Studio 5 demonstrating this exact style. Here’s her segment on the show

And she also gave a fabulous tip to match the color of your sock to the color of your hair!

Who’da thunk?! Not me!

Have you tried the sock bun before? How did you like it?

By the way, I’ve heard many people say that when you take the sock bun out, it leaves you with really pretty “beach like” waves. Apparently they have never met my hair….

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  1. I’ve done the sock bun and I like it, but I need tips on how to make it tighter—in some areas it’s looser than others.

    We’re just starting a link up party and love it if you’d share there (if you are interested):

  2. This is a really cute idea, and it looks so darling on YOUR head!

  3. I’ve wanted to do the sock bun idea for awhile, but I’m in the process of growing it out. I can’t wait until I try it out!!

    Thanks for sharing this at the Take it on Tuesday blog hop.

  4. I am getting brave and trying this for church! fingers crossed.

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