DIY Baby Shoes

I couldn’t resist I had to brag about myself!
Remember in the past when I have said that I can not sew? Well, I decided that I was going to teach myself and got to it. I borrowed my neighbors sewing machine and just started trying things.
If you follow on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I have been on a roll lately! I’ve made a crinkle toy, some skirts, jammie pants, and fixed many items that have been in the “wifey fix” pile! And today I tried my hand at shoes!!!!
I’m truely impressed with myself. To be completely honest, I thought that I would get one “shoe” done and laugh at myself as I threw it in the garbage. But they turned out!!!
I can’t wait for Baby Girl Barker to wake up from her nap so that I can try them on her!
Because it is still technically winter here in Utah (who knew with my windows open and the kids riding bikes outside!) I decided to line the inside of the shoes with a white minky fabric to keep her toes warm! I’m now thinking I may need some slippers like it in a “me size” version!
Now I just need to get her a matching outfit made out of this fun fabric I bought last week!
Want to try your hand at these easy shoes? Head over to Stardust Shoes for the pattern and tutorial!
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  1. They look great!

  2. These are so cute! Very good job 🙂

  3. These are sooo adorable! I am hosting a Link Party today and would love for you to add these, and anything else you like!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  4. Very cute! I have baby feet at my house that would enjoy these!

  5. Good for you!! I need to try my hand at sewing again. Those are SOO adorable!! I’ll need to pin this so I can try it sometime! Thanks for linking up to the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!

  6. So cute! Great job!

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