$1 “Homemade” mini Donuts

I decided I wanted to make donuts for Halloween morning’s breakfast this year. BUT, this morning, I couldn’t resist making them early! So for our Sunday morning “brunch” we had homemade donuts.
*After eating about 6, Sean informed me that he was skeptical of them at first, and didn’t think they would be very good. How dare he doubt my cooking!! At least he LOVED them in the end!
Did I mention they are SUPER CHEAP too?
 All you need is buttermilk biscuits in the can. Ya know, the ones you find in with the cinnamon rolls, cookie dough, crescent rolls, etc.
I got the Western Family brand and they were $.59 per can (10ct.)
You can customize these with whatever toppings. Today we made cinnamon sugar ones, and glazed ones. In the past, I’ve also melted chocolate chips and dipped the top half in it.
Heat up some oil in a small pot (I set my stove temp to a 3, so fairly low)
Separate each biscuit and use the lid to a soda/water bottle to cute out the hole (if you don’t have one, find something about the same size. Or you could always cut it with a knife.)
Place in heated oil. Brown one side, then flip and brown the other.
If you are making cinnamon sugar ones, you will want to roll in the sugar quickly after frying. The heat will help it stick to the donut.
If you are making glazed or chocolate, you will want to let them cool a bit before covering.
PS, if you know my parents, make sure to stop by their house while trick-or-treating tomorrow. They always make homemade donuts and hot cocoa for the adults on Halloween. Who says the parents can’t get yummy treats too?!
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  1. great idea! I will have to try these one day. Marcie is always asking for doughnuts 🙂

    Nancy Jackson

  2. Where did you get this recipe? I’ve seen it all over the web…

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