DIY Halloween Wreath

I am so excited to decorate for Halloween this year! Oh heck, I’m just excited for ALL the holidays! I slowly get into them each year, but I’m overly excited for some reason and I’ve gotten a head start for Halloween.
I just finished an awesome and WAY cheap wreath!
foam wreath form – $1 at the dollar store, or $2 with coupon at Craft Store
black tissue paper – $1
Straight pins
Scissors & paper cutter
  • Start by cutting your tissue paper into small squares. My tissue paper was 20×20, so I cut it into 5×5 squares.
  • Fold each square in half twice (to make smaller square) then at a diagonal to form a triangle.
  • Push a straight pin thru the folded corner of the triangle and push into the wreath form.
  • Continue close together all the way around the wreath to create the full effect.
(I did not put the tissue paper on the back so that the wreath will fall flat when placed on a door)
You may need to use your scissors to trim some of the corners that poke out taller than the rest.
Once you have the wreath finished, embellish however you’d like.
I just cut my “BOO” out of scrapbook paper with my cricuit.

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