White Chocolate Popcorn – Sweet treat for a night in

Tonight has been one of those nights….ya know where you think nothing is going right.
We just got back from vacation, and everything seems to go wrong.
  • The little man broke Sean’s Xbox
  • Someone broke into our other house AGAIN today, and took even more stuff (2nd time in 2 weeks). At least this time a neighbor saw so we are hopeful about this situation now
  • The little man’s allergy sores are back in his diaper area. So sad.
  • And I just can’t seem to catch up on the laundry and housework that needs to be done.
So what am I doing tonight?
On the agenda is watching shows from my DVR, folding laundry, and eating White Chocolate Popcorn.
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This is seriously the most amazing treat.
I usually only make it when others can enjoy it with me. Only for the fact that I can and probably will eat the entire thing. But tonight, I don’t care!!
I taught Jesseca from Sweet Treats by Jesseca the recipe (if you can even call it a recipe) and she is just as inlove as I am!
I thought I would share it with all of you as well (if you don’t already have it). Head over to Jesseca’s post about this amazing popcorn!
ENJOY!! I know I will
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  1. We just made this last week. SO glad you showed me this recipe!

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