Snow Snow Go Away

Did you know that the first day of Spring was like a week ago?
Apparently someone needs to inform Mother Nature. Because today feels more like November rather than the end of March.
But then again, as I think back, there was snow on my honeymoon 4 years ago, so I guess I shouldn’t expect any less
{on a random side note, Happy 4 year Anniversary to my husband this last Wednesday!!}
Ok, back to my anger letter to Mother Nature!
I have so many fun craft projects on my list, but about 99.9% of them involve sanding and painting. Which of course I need to do outside and as you can see, that is NOT possible lately!
So instead of being out in sunny weather making incredible crafts, Little Man and I are sitting inside in our Jammies.

But JUST FOR YOU, I did brave the snow and went out to take a picture of the next items on my list!
Check out these beauts!
Ok, they aren’t so pretty now (yes that is dirt they are covered in) but I can’t explain the excitement for what they will become!
Oh, and they were SO CHEAP! I went to ReStore and picked up 4 of the square doors, and the one window door for a total of $12.50!
Stay tuned for better weather and what these items will become!
I’ll leave you with one more Mother Nature picture
~Get your thrift on!

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