New “NEED” to have item!

Update: These are NOT available online, just in store. I just found the pictures online!
Also, let us know if you have seen them anywhere else

Ok Utahans out there….are you addicted to Studio 5 like I am?!

I have it set to DVR each day, and while William naps, I get to go back and watch.
Did you see today’s segment? They showed these amazing cups, that I just decided I MUST HAVE. These are not a want….they are a NEED! (not if you ask my husband, but who’s gonna ask him?!)
I am a DR PEPPER ADDICT!!! And if you have met me, you know that I usually have a can, cup, or something in my hand that contains DP. So looks like this summer, you will see me sporting these amazing cups!!
I found these online at and guess what, they are on sale!! Just $4.99 down from $9.99. Here’s the details about it from the website!
Are you as inlove as I am?!
~Get your thrift on!

2 thoughts on “New “NEED” to have item!

  1. They are at walmart, solid colors, and polka dots!! and they are 24 oz and you can buy replacable straws!!!! they were 4.96 i think, i picked up that and the straws (4pk) total around 6 dollars give or take!! love it

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