DIY – $.50 hand puppets

My parents have finger puppets that William absolutely LOVES. They are in shapes of all the animals you can think of. Although I am not THAT talented, I can make simple hand puppets!
Most of my craft stuff is still packed away from the move, so I made a quick trip to Waliworld!!
 I knew that they had $.25 felt sheets. That, of course, will do the trick!
First I traced William’s hand on a scrap piece of paper
he was NOT happy about keeping his hand still. Can you say ACTIVE little boy?!
But we finally got it traced and cut out!!
Make sure to cut a bit bigger than it is traced. This will give you room for glueing, sewing, etc!!

With the size of William’s hand, I was able to fit 5 on a single sheet of felt!!

Next, I laid the white on top of the red and cut both sheets at the same time.

I used one red and one white for each puppet

I was first planning on hand sewing them together
(you could use a machine, but I seem to always break them!).
But I couldn’t find my needles :(. So then I was going to use my liquid stitch….OYYY, couldn’t find that either! So I settled for the only thing that I could find…E6000!!! Hey, it worked!

I placed the glue on the edges and pressed the white and red together.

Isn’t it pretty?!

I drew a boy and a girl….I know that you are SO jealous of my artistic abilities!!

These two puppets took me a total of
to make!! Yup, that is it. From start to finish (minus tracing William’s hand…I did that before he went to bed)

Now I can’t wait for him to wake up and play with them. Until then, I am pondering what to draw on the next 3 puppets. Maybe I’ll let him decide!

~Get your thrift on!
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  1. Jackie Dirte says

    I love these! Felt puppets are great. I made green ones look like turtles!

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