Get a “new” fridge without buying a new one!

Slowly but surely our house is becoming what I want it to be! And I mean S..L..O..W..L..Y! We just don’t have the money for everything that I wish we could have.
I am constantly telling Sean that we NEED a new fridge. I’m not sure what color our was originally. Cause right now it is a mix between yellow and white. Ya know that in between color.
Right after we moved in, we had to replace our stove and we bought a beautiful black and stainless steel one. I love it, but it almost makes the fridge even more of an eyesore.
{excuse ALL the items on the fridge, it’s pretty much our life in one place!}
But I recently decided that there had to be a cheap solution to this problem.
Did you know that you can paint your appliances?
I just found an amazing article over at Sassy Styler Design that walks you through Step by Step on how to accomplish it.
She painted her side by side fridge and as well as painted her over the stove hood for just $20! It looks like a whole new fridge!


It’s beautiful right? I think I know now what my week’s project is going to be while the weather is still nice! I’ll keep you up to date on it goes!
{ I also want to repaint my cabinets to look like hers too! }
~Get your thrift on!
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