How to make Chocolate Covered Pretzels for cheap.

My friend Jesseca and I got together and made wonderful Chocolate Covered Pretzels! They were so DELISH!
We made them for a fun Halloween present to give the Grandparents.
Jesseca is so creative and is always making cute and fun things for everyone in her life. She loves to bake as well as make other amazing food. She recently started a blog to share all of her food adventures with everyone, and boy has she done amazing. She really inspires me to get on the ball and cook more new and exciting recipes!
Anyway, I wanted to let you know that doing these fun activities for the holidays don’t have to cost you a ton. There’s so many ways to cut costs.
First of all, head over to Sweet Treats by Jesseca to see the recipe/how to make these.
Here’s some great coupons to combine with the Chocolate Covered Pretzels
You can use the Candy Melts from Michael’s or other craft stores. They are my favorite because you can buy them in all different colors!
Print a Michael’s 40% off coupon to use towards your Candy Melts! You should be able to get them for just $2.00 or less!
I couldn’t find any Pretzel coupons right now, but you can buy them cheap ($2.29 at WalMart!)
Look at how wonderful these pretzels turned out!! I’m very proud, and they are so yummy!
~Get your thrift on!
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  1. Thanks for helping me! I always have fun when you stop by!

  2. totally going to make these!!

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