My favorite way to be thrifty…

There are so many ways to be a thrifty person. Coupons, shopping sales, budgeting, and my favorite, which is crafting!!!
You can craft just about anything! Home decor, personal accessories, gifts, or clothing.
I absolutely love when I come across one of those random but great finds!
Yesterday I had a random itch to go to DI. The things you can find there are absolutely amazing! And what was my great find yesterday?
A stool!

I got it for a whoping $2.50!

Sometime crafting can take time, so I am going to show you this project in bits and pieces!
Tonight I pulled off the seat, and did my first coat of paint. I started with black, and just used leftover black paint from my cabinets that I painted last year!

What’s your opinion? Is it weird that I’m using a DI stool just as a random home decor item?

That’s as far as I got tonight. I have to wait until the paint dries to go further. Stool re-vamp to be continued….

~Get your thrift on!

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