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I’m gonna try to keep this post at the top of the page for a while. 
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Welcome to “Our Thrifty Ideas Become One!

I am really loving all of the feedback and action I was getting on my other blog!! Everyone is really interested in couponing with the economy the way it is. Also, I have a lot of new mommies out there trying to save some money so they can be home with the baby!

I was getting a little down on how the coupons were taking over my family blog, and so from now on, all coupon related items will be on here.

I know that the name is a little long, but I felt it described exactly what I wanted it to. With the feedback I have been getting, as well as info I get from other sites, I felt as though this should be a blog for all of us. We all have the ideas, and with help from one another, we will all be the thriftiest shoppers ever!!!

So everyone PLEASE, if you have come across any online deals, coupons, or in-store treasures, send me an email and let me know so I can share it with everyone! I know that I get a kick out of saving, and especially from hearing and seeing everyone else have successful saving adventures. So lets not just let me see or hear, share it with everyone!

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