DIY Name Bracelets

Make your own custom bracelets using decorative and letter beads. Make them with inspirational words, best friends, or your name!
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  • These are super simple, but the end task of putting on the crimp beads can be a little more difficult. That is the part my kids always ask me to help with.
  • Measure the length of the wrist the bracelet is for, and then double that length to make sure you have enough extra string. Cut your string
  • Tape down one side of the string to the table. This will prevent your beads from falling off the other end as you are stringing them.
  • Start with a few of the decorative beads, and put them on the string. Careful not to pull to hard while stringing it or you will pull the string out of the tape.
  • Next, string your letter beads in the order of your word.
  • After your word is in place, finish the bracelet with more decorative words. To make sure it will fit the wrist, either use the person’s wrist to check, or use a ruler to check and make sure it’s not too big, but not too small!
  • Once your bracelet is the right size, it’s time to close it up. To do this, take one end of the string and put it inside the crimp bead. Then untapped the other side and put it through the crimp bead from the other side. Then pull both sides until it is completely tight.
  • Now use your pliers to close the crimp bead.
  • I like to double the security and do another crimp bead. Do this the same way you did the first one. Put one end of the string into the crimp bead, and the other end into the opposite. then close it by pressing it with the pliers.
  • The last step is simple; just cut off the excess string!