Halloween Decor with Cardstock

DIY Paper Bat Decor

These DIY Paper Bats will make an impact this Halloween. A quick and inexpensive Halloween decor idea.



  • Start by cutting out your bats. If you are using your cricut, I have laid out different sizes of bat shapes to fit a 12×12 sheet of paper. Just click here to open it up in design space.
  • If using cardstock in your cricut, I suggest running it more than once over the paper. To do this, once the cut is done DO NOT release the mat. Instead push the cut button (the cricut symbol) again and it will pull it back in to cut the paper again.
  • Once the bats are cut out, fold the wings out to create depth, and put a dollop of fun tak on the back. This will allow you to put the bats on the wall while being removable and not harming the wall.
  • Place the bats anywhere on your walls!!