Customized Chrome book computers

Custom Stickers for your Computer

Use the Cricut Joy machine to create custom stickers that you can use to make your computer as unique as your personality!
Keyword: Cricut



  • Smart Vinyl, Permanent
  • Transfer Tape
  • Scraper


  • While in Cricut Design Space, let your kiddos pick their images they want to put on the computer. Make sure to make each different color of vinyl a new color in design space so they cut on the appropriate vinyl.
  • Once you have sized it all, and colored appropriately, click cut. Choose without mat since you are using the Smart Vinyl.
  • Cut out each image.
  • Remove the cut section of vinyl from the rest of the roll.
  • Weed the image from the rest of the vinyl, making sure to also remove the "inside" pieces.
  • Use the transfer tape to remove the vinyl from its backing.
  • Clean off the surface you will be putting the stickers on.
  • Once the surface is dry, place all the stickers in place, and use the scraper to adhere the vinyl to the computer.
  • Peel back the transfer tape to reveal the final project. If the vinyl doesn't release from the transfer tape, put it back down and scrape some more in that area.