Homemade Mini White Picket Fence

This post was originally posted over at A Little Tipsy’s blog. Recently I made this fun homemade picket fence to use as a background for my table décor. Our kitchen table is pushed up against the wall, and I try to use just a small section of it to brighten up the area for the […]

“Spring” Cupcake banner & Printable

“If you will it, it will come” right? Oh man, how many more times can I bright bright colors into my home, pray for warm weather, call it “spring” and more. I’m determined that if I do enough that one day it will finally come AND STAY. We just had snow over the weekend, after […]

{Crafting with Your Kids} Pinecone Animals

My neighbors have gotten to know me all too well in the 2 years we have lived here. They know not to throw anything away without asking me about it. Even down to the smallest thing. The other day my neighbor brought me a really big pinecone. Like BIG and said “I know you can […]

{Modest Mommy Monday}–Spring Dress Wishboard

I’m a jeans and tee shirt kinda gal. Isn’t that kinda the Mommy standard outfit anyway? It’s kinda funny thought because I’m a complete girl girl. I swoon for a good lipstick, get weak in the knees (litterally) for a fabulous pair of heels, and dream of an event to wear a beautiful dress {insert […]