White Chocolate Popcorn – Sweet treat for a night in

Tonight has been one of those nights….ya know where you think nothing is going right. We just got back from vacation, and everything seems to go wrong. The little man broke Sean’s Xbox Someone broke into our other house AGAIN today, and took even more stuff (2nd time in 2 weeks). At least this time […]

Easy Pot Pie – Great for Freezing

One of my first posts as a blogger {before becoming Our Thrifty Ideas} I posted about a great Pot Pie recipe. It was on my family blog and I had tons of people find it and love it. Because it is one of my first posts, it is VERY novice!   But I figured that […]

How to make Chocolate Covered Pretzels for cheap.

My friend Jesseca and I got together and made wonderful Chocolate Covered Pretzels! They were so DELISH! We made them for a fun Halloween present to give the Grandparents. Jesseca is so creative and is always making cute and fun things for everyone in her life. She loves to bake as well as make other […]

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