DIY Rolling stones shirt

DIY Rolling Stones Shirt

Make your own custom DIY Rolling Stones shirt using spray fabric paint and some iron-on vinyl. So many color and pattern options to make this your own.
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  • To create some fun dimension on the shirt, use the spray fabric paint to make “splatter”. My technique was to accordion fold the shirt and then use the spray paint to make a wide spread spray. I used black and white and then flipped the fabric over to do the same thing on the back!
  • We did this on a drop cloth outside. The sun helped the fabric paint dry quicker. Then I washed the shirt to make sure the paint was not going to come off when attaching the image.
  • Next I cut my image out of iron-on vinyl. I used just a solid black and white, vinyl but you could definitely do a patterned one as well if wanted.
  • Get my cut image in design space by going to this link here.
  • Once I cut and weeded the iron-on vinyl, it was time to attach it to the shirt. To do this, I fold the shirt in half and give it an iron along the center. This creates a crease so that I know where the center of the shirt is.
  • I also fold the vinyl in half. Put the non-sticky sides together and create a crease. Now, when I put the image on the shirt I just line up both creases with one another so that the image is centered on the shirt!
  • I did the black large image first, to make sure it was centered, and after ironing it onto the shirt, I then placed in the white sections.
  • DO NOT iron directly on the vinyl that is already attached. the direct heat can make it melt. Instead use the same plastic piece from it’s original ironing to put over the top. If you don’t want to use it, you can also put a towel over the black vinyl as well to protect it from direct contact with the iron.
  • Now enjoy your new shirt!