Custom Garden Sign

Simple to follow tutorial on how to create a Custom Garden Sign using your Cricut machine as a stencil.


  • 14 ×36 piece of wood
  • 2 colors of paint one for letters, one for the board
  • paint brushes
  • removable vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Eye Hooks
  • S clips


  • Want to make this sign yourself? Just go to my project and change the “BARKER” to your own last name.
  • To do this, double click the BARKER and change it to your own last name.
  • Cutting removable vinyl with the Cricut Maker
  • Then click “Make It”
  • DO NOT turn on the mirror option when cutting.
  • Transferring vinyl using transfer tape
  • After the vinyl is cut, weed the excess off the backing paper and then transfer it to the Transfer Tape.
  • Painting a board for a sign
  • Now, paint your “letter color” across your whole board. Let it dry completely.
  • Move the vinyl to your board.
  • Now paint over the entire board (on top of the vinyl letters as well) with your board color. I ended up doing 3 total coats, letting the paint dry in between.
  • Barker's Garden sign to customer your garden
  • Once your last coat is dry, remove each of the letters, revealing the first coat of paint.
  • I then used some sandpaper to scuff up all around the letters and edges of the board.
  • To hang the sign, I used eye hooks. To attache them to the board, I pre-drilled holes into the top, 1 inch from each side. Then screwed in the eye hook until it was firmly in place.
  • I used S hooks to attach the sign to the fence. Just clipped one side to the fence and the other side to the eye hooks.