{Giveaway} Disney On Ice–Dare To Dream

Are you guys sick of giveaways yet? What, you aren’t?! Ok, I guess I’ll give you another one then. The last Disney On Ice giveaway was such a huge hit that I knew I had to do it again. Did you know that they were coming to SLC again? This time it is the Dare […]

St Patrick’s Day Specimen Art

Do you remember my Christmas Specimen Art? Well as soon as it was time to take it down, I started planning my next one. I was so excited about the idea I had for St Patrick’s Day that I completely skipped over the other holidays/seasons in between! Oh well! You can download my Cricut Craft […]

St Patrick’s Day Mini Stacker

I shared how to make the big 12 inch Shamrock from Fab Décor, and today I get to share what I did with my Mini Stacker that you could also win. I got the pieces of wood and the vinyl words from Melissa, who also gave me some extra shamrocks to use throughout the words […]

Remember to remember you–NIVEA and You

While I was at the doctor’s last night, for 3 hours, I found out some information and fun facts that I thought would be great to pass along to all of YOU.Photo Source1- There’s 4 main elements to having Strep Throat, and doctor’s can usually tell if you have it even before swabbing just by […]