Yarn Crazy Day!

It may have taken me FOREVER, but here are the new and improved yarn eggs!   But first of all, a moment of silence for my poor finger that WAS harmed in the making of this post….. Thanks! I’m normally so good with my glue gun. But today was just a struggle between us! My […]

Easter Egg Printable to DIE for!

I came accross this guest post today and i HAD to share!! Over at Craftaholics Anonymous, you can find a guest post by Kyla who is the author of Funky PolkaDot Giraffe. She created this amazing Easter Egg printable. It looks like actual buttons in a frame. You can print it off with one of […]

I just got back from the store buying new fluffy yarn. Unfortunately I’m too tired too craft. Hopefully I’ll get myself some great Easter eggs tomorrow! ~Get your thrift on!