Do You Want To Build A Snowman – DIY Scratch Off Valentine

Did you know that it’s super easy to create your own scratch off card? And not only is it easy, but you probably have all the stuff you need in your closet already!!! So today I thought I would share a tutorial along with a darling printable for Valentine’s Day. I actually made this printable […]

Sunglasses Valentine Printable Card

Do you have a child with an allergy friendly classroom? This Sunglasses Valentine Printable will be perfect for your kids to hand out to their friends! When we came across these fun “sunglasses” at the store the other day, and my kids wanted to get them for friends. They were super excited about them, so […]

Glow stick Valentine with a free printable tag

This glow stick valentine is simple and great for the allergy free classes. Just print the tag and slip it onto a glow stick. There’s not much more than a glow stick that can INSTANTLY bring a smile to my kids face. We have stocked up on them for late night BBQs, “sleepovers” (we just […]

Silly Straw Valentine Printable

These Silly Straw Valentine’s are the cutest Valentine’s to hand out. Just print out the card and put a silly straw through the holes. It’s so easy even your kids can do it! One of my favorite things to design is Valentine cards for my kids to hand out to their friends. It’s so simple […]