Reusing = Saving

Isn’t it funny how you can JUST barely be thinking about something, and it seems like everyone else is thinking/talking about the same thing? I was just discussing with my husband how so many household items have so many other purposes. As well as how we can make out money go even further. We got on […]

Hi, my name is Vanessa Barker, and I have a internet and blog addiction! Ok, now that we have gotten that over with, I have to share with you tonight’s discoveries!! I have spent a good portion of tonight searching some amazing blogs, and just couldn’t go without pointing out some of my absolute favorite […]

Guest Post at Roberts Arts and Crafts blog!

Hey guys, this week’s craft project is featured over at the Roberts Arts and Crafts blog! I had an amazing opportunity to be their guest blogger today. To all the nwe followers coming over from Roberts, a huge HELLO AND WELCOME!! Head over and check out today’s craft on how to make the wonderful Holiday […]

Weekly Craft Day – Cute Candle Chandelier

Ok, today’s craft comes from Frugal Home Ideas! I love this blog. There are so many fabulous CHEAP ideas that you can find. I found this Candle Chandelier over at Frugal Home Ideas, and now I just have to find a wonderful place in my house for it. Because it is a must make!! She […]