Beach Themed Toddler Memory Game Printable

Is your family headed to the beach this Summer? It’s a dream of my kids, and I know we’ll be at the lake’s beach a ton. Hopefully we can find a time to go to the ocean soon and show my kids what REAL snorkeling and beautiful fish looks like.  I created this fun beach […]

Favorite Valentine Boxes

This is the first year we will have a kid in school where we will need a Valentine box. So we went on a search for ideas. Here’s some of my kids’ favorites with links!! Skylanders Valentine Box – Source Shark Valentine Box – Briana Johnson Captain America Valentine Box – Ashlee Proffitt Perry Valentine […]

FREE Skylanders Valentine Printable – Candy Bar Wrapper

Your kids can be a hit with their friends when they hand out these mini candy bars wrapped in a fun Skylanders Valentine Card! Oh man, if only I could explain to you the obsession my son has with Skylanders right now. Every day when he gets off the bus it’s like a mad dash […]

Valentine Pencil Toppers

Today I am sharing a fun and super cheap valentine printable for your kids to hand out to their friends this year for V-day.  All you’ll need is: You’re pretty “tweet” valentine printable cardstock printer paper cutter valentine’s themed pencils washi tape You can download and save the valentine right to your computer so that you can access […]

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