Extra fun Summer

This post was previously posted on Today’s Creative Blog. I am sharing it now for those who missed it! With Summer break quickly approaching for some of you (I know, some area already out), and summer parties in full swing, I thought it would be fun to share a super inexpensive and fun gift idea for […]

Summer Break gift idea – Stay SILLY printable

Today’s printable is so super fun. I can just picture all of the silly string spraying all over the place as the kids celebrate their last day of school for the Summer. Just remember not to do it on school property (unless given permission). But it would be super fun for the kids to all […]

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Make all different types of Toilet Paper Roll Monsters using craft supplies, empty toilet paper rolls, and the kids’ imagination. My kids have been playing with these toilet paper roll monsters for days. And they absolutely love that they were the ones who made them. It’s so fun that they are getting to the point […]

Paper Bag Monsters {Crafting w/ kids}

Make these Paper Bag Monsters because they can be silly and fun and not just scary. Have you had to have the “nice monsters” talk with your kids? We’ve been doing Halloween crafts and themed activities for a few week already. The second Will saw it in the stores, he started asking for it at […]