{27th Birthday Giveaway} The Ribbon Retreat

I am so excited for our first day of giveaways for my birthday. I may be the one getting another year older, but you are the ones getting the presents! Today’s giveaway is from an amazing company that you have heard me mention a ton of times; The Ribbon Retreat. They have amazing ribbon and […]

Birthday Celebration Giveaway

I have a huge announcement! On Sunday I will be turning another year older…ouch!I cried when I turned 25, and each year is even worse. I don’t like the idea of old! Yah, I know that’s really not old, but still, a quarter of a century plus 2 years. Yikes! Ok, so to help ease […]

{As Seen On} Bridgey Widgey

Hey all you party lovers! Have you ever been over to Bridgey Widgey’s site? If not, you MUST go. Especially because today you can find a full recap of Baby Girl Barker’s giraffe birthday party over there! You’ll see new pictures and different aspects that I did not highlight here. So what are you waiting […]

Poppyseed Projects Frame

Have you seen the amazing shaped frames they have out there? Well, I had the privledge of making a fun one while at the SNAP! conference, and then received another to display a picture of Baby Girl Barker at her birthday party from Poppy Seed Projects. Now each kiddo has a fun frame for their […]