“Finest Homes” Family Home Evening Idea + Free Printable

We had a fabulous Family Home Evening this week. It was such a fun one for the weird time we are experiencing right now. It was based on L Whitney Clayton’s talk from April 2020 Sunday afternoon session of General Conference about “Finest Homes”

His talk was about a billboard he saw driving down the freeway that said “We serve the finest homes in Salt Lake City” He then asked what makes the “finest homes”? There are worldly answers to the question as well as spiritual ones.

Finest Home Family Home Evening Idea

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Finest Homes Family Home Evening

We then talked about what we think makes the “finest homes”.

Because we are in our home 24/7 right now, with no end in the near future, we discussed what we want our home to be. We talked about both activities as well as traits that we wanted our home to have in order to be a shelter from the storm.

I took a sheet of paper and as big as the paper would allow, drew the outline of a home. Then I gave each person their own color of pen and we wrote down the ways we could make our home a place of peace and a place to constantly be able to feel the spirit.

The reason for the different colored pens was because I wanted to be able to see what was important to each member of the family. It was a great mix of spiritual things as well as family activities.

A few ideas listed were

  • Family Scripture Study
  • Movie Nights
  • Nightly Family Counsel
  • Picking up after ones self
  • Family prayer
  • Cooperation
  • Family Walks

This was eye opening for everyone involved because we could see the things that we are pretty good about, as well as the things that we needed to work harder at.

Writing out personal traits to work on

We talked about the traits we can work on personally to make our home and family a better unity. How each one of us can improve ourselves to become better. We discussed how when one person is having an “off day” it affects the mood of everyone. So working on ourselves makes the family as a whole even better.

We each had our own piece of paper with our name on it. We wrote down what we want people to remember us by; both traits we currently have or ones we hope to gain/improve on. The easiest way to explain this to the kids was by saying if they hadn’t seen a friend in a long time, what would that friend remember them for. Or if you were to die, what would people be sure to say about you?

Would you want people to say “oh that Will, he was really great at Minecraft”? Or would you rather “oh that Will, he was so funny and always smiling”?

A few of the listed traits were

  • Worthy Preisthood holder
  • Funny
  • Inclusive of everyone
  • Good Cook
  • Makes others happy

We wrote down our traits as if we already had them. Made a whole list of them. Then if it was one we felt might need to be worked on, put a star by it to signify that we wanted to put some focus on it in our life.

It was interesting to me to see what the kids wanted to be known for. There were lots of traits listed that I did not know were important to my kids.

Finest Homes FHE

We then put the papers on the wall as a daily reminder to us. We said that when we are “bored” or looking for something to do, we can go look at those traits we want to have and find a way to work towards making that happen.

So if Gracie gets bored, she can go to her list and see that he has a good dancer on her list. So an idea would be to go practice dance, or work on a new dance skill she hasn’t mastered yet.

If I am bored, I can go to the list and see we have regular FHE written inside the house. So I could use my time to plan our next Family Home Evening lesson.

These lists are a great way to see what everyone wants from the family unit, as well as a roadmap for us on how to get there!

Finest Homes Family Home Evening Printable Kit

Printable Finest Homes Family Home Evening Lesson Idea

I created a free printable to use for this activity as well. There is a home outline as well as pages for individual traits. I included 6 pages for that, print as many as you need!

If you plan on keeping these around, I highly recommend printing it on card stock paper so that it holds up better!

Download your free Finest Homes printable here.

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