How to Find your lost iPhone even when it’s on silent

See the video tutorial here!!!

how to find an iPhone even if it's on silent

Now make me feel better. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve lost your phone?

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  1. I’m seriously in shock I’ve never known about this! Thanks so much for the info lady! Sadly, it will come in super handy in my life! haha 🙂

  2. This is so great!! Thanks for sharing! My daughter hid my phone in her toy box once. It was horrible!!

  3. Great info! Thanks for sharing that! I swear I lose my iphone allll the time.. Ha ha.

  4. Now, if they just had this sort of feature to help me find my 7 year olds missing ipod….

  5. I left my phone in my fridge once….It took me hours to find it.

  6. I love you for sharing that. Thank you.

  7. i’ve lost my phone 4 times in my bra, 3 times i did the find my iPhone and 1 time i had a friend call it…

  8. Somerset says

    I once left my brand new iPhone in a shoe box in a shoe store. I had set it there when trying on boots,then decided against them. It was an hour later I realized I didn’t have it. Thankfully, it was still in the box when I retraced my steps!

  9. I lost my phones in my knee high boots once…while I was wearing them…lol

  10. It’s amazing I have never permanently lost my iPhone. I’ve left it so many times. I’ve left it on shelves while shopping at Walmart and other stores where it gets sat down to look through a stack of jeans, etc. I think the worse is when I’ve forgotten it in a shopping cart that I put in the cart coral in the parking lot! I’ve done that twice, the most recent at Walmart with my mini billfold purse. It was like 11 pm so no one was around to pick it up! But I knew where it was as soon as I got home.

  11. Does this work on the iPhone 3 phones?

  12. This is such great info! I seriously wish I had known about this before I lost my iPhone, that way I could have had the “Find my iPhone” function turned on 🙁 I don’t understand how I could have lost my phone in the kitchen while I was doing dishes. The good news is it’s not in the trash can, the dishwasher (phew), or the fridge. But where is it!? My husband just looked for a half an hour and I looked for an hour. I think we have a poltergeist. As soon as I find it I will turn on Find my iPhone!

    • I found it! It was in my apron pocket, hanging just inside the basement door!!! Argh! There are two hours of my life I’ll never get back again. Do you know how I found it? I turned off all the lights and walked around the house with my husband’s phone, calling it and looking for the light of the screen! Now that it’s after midnight I’m ready to go to bed.

      • Oh my gosh, your comments totally made my night. I read your comments on my phone the night you left them, and my husband and I were loving them!! I’m so glad that you found it, and what a creative way to search for it.

  13. Looking for purses. Wanted to make sure phone would fit in purse slot. Walked around with new purse on to see if I would like it on me. Put purse back. Guess where phone stayed? I had made my way over to clothing and suddenly my phone started ringing. I stopped and realized I could hear my phone, but it wasn’t on me. Of course I had looked at 30 other purses before I left that section. Group of people were looking for a phone ringing in the purse piles when I got there. Soooo embarrassing!

  14. Joyce Dowling says

    i do this all the time the same feature is on my IPad . I use it to find my phone. . I am sure it would work. Same way if I ever lost iPad .

  15. Cheryl Barclay says

    I lost mine the other day, I was talking to my daughter and I was looking all over for my phone, finally I got so mad that I said to my daughter “I have to go I can’t find my phone”. She replied “Mom, you are talking on it!” Total “Mom moment”

  16. I never knew that- thank you! I misplace my phone often and this will be so helpful! Pinning this for future reference!

  17. I lose mine a lot. I have found it in my purse (after emptying purse out twice), and under the bathroom sink. I don’t have iCloud, and I wonder if this would have helped me if I hadn’t suddenly remembered where I left my phone. Flying back to the US from London, I knew exactly where it was in my friend’s flat where I stayed. Hugely disappointing.

    • And, yes, the stores! I leave it in the shoe department at Kohl’s and I realize it ten miles away in the Swimsuit department. WITH my entire purse.

  18. Yes it is! Thank you for sharing this. I bet a lot of people need it.

  19. karl patterson says

    thank you – things like losing your phone cause weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth!!! now I fell wise and techy 🙂

  20. Thank you! Found it under tissue on dinning table!!!

  21. I lost my phone one time when i was taking a stop motion video of the clouds…i had it on the back of my mother’s jeep and forgot about it when she went to go take my brother to school. I was up till 11 looking for it…than I called it and people from down the street answered and said they had found it by the road which proves it fell off the back of the jeep. The good thing is they were nice people and they gave it back.:)

  22. Wow. I really want to read this article, but I’ve been here for 5 minutes and the story won’t load because you have so many surveys and trackers and your post won’t load. ;-(

  23. Great idea. Thank you!
    Two things:
    First, my son-in-law spent hours searching frantically for his iPhone before he finally found it under the mattress of his little one year old son. Little Guy had picked it up, toddled over to his little bed, and pushed it under the mattress as far as his little stubby arms could reach! I guess we’ll never know why.
    Second, I have, more often than I’m happy to admit, found my iPhone by using my iPad to text myself. In a pinch, I’ll text a family member and ask them to call me. Even if the phone’s on silent, IT WILL LIGHT UP AND REMAIN LIT for a moment, many times revealing itself to be in the dark recesses of my purse, or in some other shadowy area (my phone and case are a fashionable dark color, adding to the problem) So turn off your lights, folks, and go hunting!

  24. i saw this post and had to read because I DO lose my phone, and always in my house. The problem is, I don’t make much effort to look for it, then it ends up going dead! I have to share my story, because I’m still in disbelief that I did this… I lost my phone for over a week, 8 days… I looked a few times with little effort mostly bc all of my calls/texts come to my iPad, but only as long as my phone is nearby and is on. Dead batteries don’t count. I hadn’t left the house, so I THOUGHT I could use “find My iPhone ” like I usually do…. It didn’t work! I actually made an effort at this point because no non-iPhone calls or texts worked. Eventually I found it in my bed. Under several pillows. Lost for a week in my very own bed.

  25. I have tried all of this and still no luck. The location states that the phone is somewhere here at home and that the device is online but no matter how many attempts to “play sound” I still hear nothing. Sigh. 🙁

  26. I have been frustrated looking around for different ways to narrow down finding my phone. It is the first time I lost/Misplaced it and have spent hours researching as well as wandering around with my iPad looking for it using “Find My iPhone” to no avail. Until your help. It took me less than ten seconds and it was less than three feet from me,(a black phone on a black printer) when I used your method and found it. Your answer should be with every phone they sell! A HUGE THANK YOU and I owe you some doughnuts!

  27. When I tryed to use find my phone it said it was offline and would not work what do I do?!?!

  28. This really doesn’t help me as my phone is turned off and is in my house, so people do actually have an excuse to have lost their phone, ok. You don’t know everything so just stick to being a mom.


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