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Hey everybody! I’m Pam from Over the Big Moon! I’m so excited to be here guest posting for Vanessa! As most of you know she is in the middle of a BIG move, but lucky for me she has moved to my home town! I’m looking forward to getting to meet her and have our littles have a playdate!!



Here is a quick introduction about Lisa and I and Over the Big Moon! Lisa and I have been blogging at Over the Big Moon for almost 2 years! We met as neighbors and instantly became great friends! At Over the Big Moon we basically share the things that are going on in or for our homes and families! We share lots of FREE Printables, Pre-K Packs, Traditions, Recipes and More! We are both have super supportive spouses and each have 3 kids! Lisa has 3 boys and I have 2 boys and a 6 week old new Baby Girl, Dylan!

I thought I would quickly share with you guys some of our summer and most popular posts! Being that both Lisa and I are both first and foremost mothers and wives, a lot of what we share with you guys helps make that role easier or more organized! We hope you guys have something that you enjoy!



Our Summer Chore Charts have come in handy to many of my readers and my Nathan has done really well with it!


We also have a matching Summer Fun Calendar that you’ll want to check out!


One of the things that Lisa especially loves about summer is CAMPING! She has shared her tips to Make Camping a Lot Less Work! She has shared a lot of other tips related to camping – you check the others out HERE!


Needing some ideas for some fun activities now that he weather is turning beyond hot (at least for us here in Southern Utah)! Check out Lisa’s Summer Activity Jar Lists!


I’m big into Freezer Meals and I’ve shared some of my favorite HERE and HERE!


Our Object Lesson in Honesty for Kids Post has been super popular!

And last, but not least be sure to check out our Pre-K Packs!

Thanks so much and GOOD LUCK to Vanessa with the transition!



Thanks SO much for stopping by Pam. Hopefully we’ll get back to real life and blogging again. So many ideas, projects, and fun recipes to come!

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