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Our Thrifty Ideas | Taking time to spend on yourself | #NIVEAMoments
While I was at the doctor’s last night, for 3 hours, I found out some information and fun facts that I thought would be great to pass along to all of YOU.
Our Thrifty Ideas | Taking time to spend on yourself | #NIVEAMoments
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1- There’s 4 main elements to having Strep Throat, and doctor’s can usually tell if you have it even before swabbing just by this 4 part checklist

  • A recent fever (usually 101 or higher)
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • spots on the back of your throat
  • lack of coughing or nose congestion

WHAT? I never knew that if I had a cough or nose congestion that it most likely meant I didn’t have strep. That could have saved me a bunch of trips to the doctor.
If you have 3 of the 4 symptoms, you most likely have it, but if less than that, your odds are very slim.

2- The current viral sickness that is going around is a 3-5 day thing. So even though you may think it’s never going to end, there actually IS an end in sight
3- Cloraseptic spray for your throat will kill a virus. So if you have a viral sore throat, start on it ASAP.43- Giving yourself YOU time is one of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting sick.

Idea number 4 is the one that I really want to discuss today. This is BY FAR my hardest one to not just remember, but actually put into action. I definitely take time to go out with friends, hang with the hubby at night after he gets home from school/work, or even just a bit of time to focus on the blog. But the main thing that I need to remember is my emotional aspect of my body can affect my physical aspect so much.
When you are going non stop, staying up late and getting up early, eating only when you get a chance, and stressing about this, that and the other, you are just setting yourself up for a disaster of a week being sick {trust me!}
One of the best ways to keep this from happening is that pampering time that you can give yourself. Starting TODAY, I have now on my calendar “Mom’s emotional time”, and I am going to completely stick to it. This means NO kids, NO stress, NO worries and nothing that isn’t relaxing. I am so excited to start this, that I did my first “Mom’s emotional time” last night after getting back from the doctor and being ordered to just relax!
Our Thrifty Ideas | Taking time to spend on yourself | #NIVEAMoments

Really, I don’t remember the last time that I gave my hands and feet any sort of attention. I started the night by soaking my hands and feet in warm water with some lavender oil in it. Then I coated some NIVEA Essentially Enriched lotion on both my hand and feet, finished off with some nail painting! This winter has done wonders to my skin, especially my feet, and it’s all extremely dry and cracked. The NIVEA lotion has helped so much to make it smooth and touchable to others.
I also did some yoga on my own. Because it can definitely be hard to get it done, and calm down when the littles are around.
Our Thrifty Ideas | Taking time to spend on yourself | #NIVEAMoments
It was just what this mommy needed!
I got my NIVEA lotion last week at SAM’s club for such a great deal. The bottle is 16.9 ounces and it even came in a 2 pack for under $9. So seriously, these will last me quite a few “Mom’s emotional time” sessions and didn’t break the bank like other emotional health sessions {like shopping!} might.
Our Thrifty Ideas | Taking time to spend on yourself | #NIVEAMoments
You can see more of my “Mom’s emotional time” pictures here.

Also, check out NIVEA’s facebook page and follow on twitter. You can also get other emotional health ideas from their pinterest board.

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  1. My skin always cracks during the winter months, it’s painful. I’ll have to try this lotion.

  2. I’m going to have to try this lotion. My hands crack and bleed in the winter, and nothing seems to help. Thanks for the post!

  3. I love that you have time on your calendar for yourself!! And strep – ugh.. we know it too well here. My kids both get really low grade fevers with it (not high) so I always have to talk the Dr into giving them the swab and sadly, it is always positive.

  4. I LOVE this nivea lotion :)! I use it all the time! it is the best. My hands also crack and bleed… not fun! But this helps a ton!

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